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DocuNav Solutions is a North Texas-based provider of Laserfiche ECM Software. With over 20 years of experience implementing and supporting electronic document and records management solutions, DocuNav has helped organizations across several different industries eliminate paper record storage and automate business processes. From K-12 Education and Municipal Government, to Private Business and Non-Profit Organizations, DocuNav Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help ensure the successful implementation of Laserfiche ECM solutions.

Laserfiche software will empower you to digitally transform your organization’s operations, to cut costs and improve overall efficiency. True digital transformation starts with digitizing documents and creating an electronic filing cabinet. Once the digital foundation is set and documents become organized and easily accessible, your organization can begin automating and streamlining processes to maximize organizational efficiency.

K-12 Document Management

Eliminate Paper Filing and Physical Record Storage

DocuNav has helped dozens of school districts move away from costly physical record storage policies, by implementing the proven and easy-to-use document management solution – Laserfiche

K-12 Document Management

Automate Processes & Improve Efficiency

From Accounts Payable Processing, Travel Requests, and Expense Reporting, to New-Hire Onboarding and Student Registration, Laserfiche can be leveraged to streamline processes district-wide

K-12 Document Management

Secure Sensitive Files and Ensure Record Compliance

Laserfiche uses DoD 5015.2-Certified Records Management to automatically apply and manage retention schedules, to protect and maintain the integrity of confidential district records


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Returns: As long as a customer is current with their annual support/software assurance terms, Laserfiche licenses can be traded in toward another purchase. Since the implementation of Laserfiche is unique to each customer, the professional service hours are non-refundable. However, DocuNav will work until the original scope of a project is fully met or exceeded.

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