Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Option for Laserfiche Servers

Emergency Support Ticket?

Today’s Landscape

Managing data and servers in today’s landscape is difficult. Between natural disasters, ransomware attacks, advanced phishing attacks and increasing internal risks – it is more important than ever to have a plan.

To help our customers with their Laserfiche files and processes, we have developed a plan that is both robust and cost-effective.


Enterprise Disaster Recovery

  • Protection against Disasters (natural or synthetic), Accidental deletions, Hacking/viruses and Ransomware attacks
  • Recovery in a few hours – no downtime

  • Managed by a trusted 3rd party

  • Complimentary hosting during disaster recovery

  • 24-hour support access

  • 2nd copy / archive

  • System is HIPAA, FERPA & CJIS compliant (90+ others also possible)

Records Retention Assured

The plan for keeping records viable have changed since the days of warehouses full of file boxes. Most organizations have to stay compliant with state guidelines – some requiring permanent retention of files. We store monthly and yearly full copies of every file, just as they are on that date. Most backup systems only protect current records, with DocuNav Shield, you can rest assured ALL your files are available for however long you need them.

  • Monthly and yearly copies – no accidental deletions
  • Write once, read many by default
  • DocuNav engineers regularly confirm data integrity and keep data structure up-to-date

  • Permanent / archive copy of your data – every day, every month, every year

  • We can help segment your current active files for quick recovery and archive the others at a lower cost

Why DocuNav Shield?

Our Partners

Top Notch Security

DocuNav Shield is committed to securing your Laserfiche data, eliminating systems vulnerability and ensuring continuity of access.

Penetration Tests

DocuNav Shield undergoes grey box penetration testing on an annual basis. Information about security vulnerabilities successfully exploited through testing is used to set mitigation and remediation priorities. We provide a summary of penetration test findings upon request to Enterprise customers.

Secure Access
Only designated, authorized DocuNav Shield employees have access to configure the infrastructure on an as-needed basis behind a two-factor authenticated private network.

Intrusion detection and prevention

Suspicious behavior is among DocuNav Shield’s biggest concerns for infrastructure hosting and management. Our Platform’s constant intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) rely on both signature-based security and algorithm-based security to identify traffic patterns that are similar to known attack methods.