A highly configurable applicant portal that allows you to leverage your existing Laserfiche infrastructure and seamlessly bridge the gap from applicant to employee.

Securely Collaborate on Office 365 Documents

Created in partnership with Denton ISD and focused on:

  • Usability for end-users

  • Flexibility and customizability for Managers
  • Seamless integration with Laserfiche and other systems

Applicant Portal

  • Applicants create a secure account for their personal portal
  • Access for both external and internal applicants
  • Easy to use interface for both the applicants and managers
  • Applicants can search, bookmark and apply for available jobs
  • Wizards that step users through common actions step-by-step
  • Job applicant info can be prefilled based on information already submitted

Administrative Portal

  • Easy job creation and edit tool
  • Search for applicants using information such as name, job post title, position, etc.
  • Add notations with appropriate viewing permissions
  • Role based accessibility to information and actions
  • Hire directly from ApplicantHQ
  • Manage System features and configurations