Integration the global standard for eSignatures with the power of Laserfiche!

The Laserfiche Integration with DocuSign enables users to initiate a signing process from within Laserfiche. Users may select the type of signing process they are initiating and attach documents that need to be a part of that process. Also, once the signing process completes, documents are imported back into the Laserfiche from DocuSign as new versions of the un-signed document. Information captured during the signing process may be mapped to Laserfiche metadata fields.



  • Initiate a signing process within Laserfiche – simply choose a document, choose the type of signing, who needs to sign it, and send.

  • Make use of robust DocuSign features including “Sign in-person”, Tablet signing or signature pad signing.

  • Round-trip integration: on import, documents can be saved as a new version of their originals in Laserfiche, eliminating duplication.

  • Create consistent naming and filing conventions for importing signed documents

  • Automatic retry of import can be configured to ensure documents are correctly imported if the original document is briefly locked by another user.

  • Email error reporting notifies you immediately of any issues.