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Streamlined Batch Processing 

Eliminate Manual Data-Entry With Intelligent Recognition Software

Accelerate High-Volume Capture

Reclaim time spent importing, processing, & indexing paperwork


Automatically Sort, Identify, & Categorize Incoming Documents


Capture Precise Pieces of Information From Paper & Electronic Documents


Use Captured Data To Automatically Name, Index, & File Documents

Intelligent Document Recognition & Processing

✓  Train the software to recognize and identify documents by structure, logos, text, and more

✓  Utilize intelligent recognition to separate, classify, and sort batches of documents

✓  Extract information from sorted documents by teaching the software where to look for data

✓  Leverage extracted data to name, index, and file documents without any manual processing 

Taking Process Automation One Step Further

Schedule processing sessions to run automatically without operator initiation or intervention

Leverage workflow to automatically notify users when new batches of documents have been imported and processed

Kick-off business processes immediately & automatically route documents for approval

Drastically improve overall efficiency & significantly increase cost savings