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Seamless Integrations 

Seamlessly Integrate Laserfiche With 3rd Party Applicants

Connect Your Documents To Any Application 

Data Base Connections & Queries

✓  Automatically index documents with data pulled from 3rd party application databases

✓  Changes made in 3rd party applications instantly update index values in Laserfiche

✓ Automatically initiate workflows and kick-off business processes from within any line-of-business application

✓ Generate “load files” with Laserfiche data for bulk data imports and updates to 3rd party applications

Laserfiche Connector

✓  Search & retrieve records from within any line of business application

✓  Display number of related Laserfiche documents within application screen

✓  Set up custom searches to retrieve specific doc types, within certain dates, etc.

✓ Launch Laserfiche scan interface & auto-populate index fields

✓ Connector “button” appears as overlay on screen – no custom coding or programming required

✓ Compatible with desktop client and/or web-based applications

Out-Of-The-Box Microsoft Office Integrations

✓  Store any MS Office file format in Laserfiche (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

✓  Open Office files within native application, make edits/updates, and save directly back to Laserfiche

✓  Revert back to previously saved files with document versioning

✓  Create a new MS Office document and save it directly to repository from embedded Laserfiche integration tab

✓  Use Laserfiche tab to save files directly to a currently opened Laserfiche folder, browse to a folder, or establish default folder to save all documents from a specific MS Office App

The Original Laserfiche-ESRI Integration Tool


✓ “Live Search” of Laserfiche Repository
✓ Select a single object to display GIS data and related documents stored in Laserfiche
✓ Select multiple objects across multiple layers – display document results grid w/ filter options
✓ Set A Search Radius To Display Icons For Documents Located Within A Specific Area


✓ Import Files To Laserfiche Directly From Map
✓ Select A Single Object Or Multiple Objects – Import An Associated Document Directly Into Laserfiche
✓ Geo-Referencing Data Is Pulled From Selected Objects & Used To Auto-Index Imported Documents

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