Powerful Workflow & Business Process Automation 2017-08-31T17:07:36+00:00

Powerful Workflow & Business Process Automation

Drastically Improve Efficiency & Cut Operating Costs

Limitless Automation Capabilities 

Reduce Manual Data-Entry

Automatically index, name, and file documents with database lookups

Initiate Business Processes

Instantly trigger document routing and processing when new content is created

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Improve efficiency with system generated email notifications, reminders, and escalation rules

Accelerate Document Review & Approval

✓  Automatically kick-off processes based on document creation, changes to existing documents, scheduled workflows, changes made within third party applications, and more

✓  Improve communication & efficiency through system generated email notifications, intelligent routing decisions, and recurring reminders

✓  Present users with instructions and a full history of when a process began, how long each step has taken, current step of the process, next steps, and more

✓ Automated reporting provides detailed view of business processes for real-time updates and analytic

Workflow + Forms =

Endless Possibilities For Process Automation

Dynamic Personnel Action Forms (PAF)

✓  “Smart forms” hide or display certain fields depending on submitter’s selections

✓  Single web-form used to initiate new-hires, re-hires, transfers, promotions, terminations, and more

✓  Intelligent routing decisions automatically route form for approvals

✓  Upon final approval – form is auto-filed and next steps in process are initiated

Paperless New-Hire Onboarding

✓  Personalized emails auto-generated and sent to new employee with links to digital onboarding packet – W4, I9, Direct Deposit, Benefit Elections, and more!

✓  Timer-based email reminders sent to employees to prevent delays

✓  Forms pre-populated with employee information for reduced data-entry

✓  New-hire forms automatically named, indexed, and filed into Laserfiche

✓  Hiring process summary reports auto-generated and sent to HR staff

Organized Requests

✓  Replace inefficient request methods like phone calls, emails, physical mail, hand- delivered forms, and other outdated avenues

✓  Web-forms provide a single, well-documented source for requests of all types – travel, transfers, open records, transcripts, and more

✓  Intelligent routing decisions direct request through appropriate approval steps

✓  Automated communication provides real-time status updates to requestor

Simplified Registrations

✓ Publicly accessible web-forms provide improved communication & data collection

✓ Customizable web-forms that can be configured for any type of process

✓ Required fields ensure accurate & complete collection of information

✓ Accounts Payable – vendor registration forms & collection of W9s, certifications, etc.

✓ Education – student registrations, athletic participation, etc.

✓ Event Management – attendee registrations, volunteer applications, etc.