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Dynamic Web-Forms 

Streamline Processes & Eliminate Paper From The Start

Innovative & Intuitive Form Design

Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be published on intranets and public websites, distributed through email, and more! 

Automate Form Submission, Routing, and Review

✓  Utilize the intuitive Forms Process Modeler to create structured form processes with intelligent decision making

✓  Streamline approval processes with automated routing decisions & email notifications

✓  Assign tasks to individuals and/or groups to eliminate bottle necks

✓  Track Form processes every step of the way, from beginning to end, and receive automated status updates & reports

More Than Just A Form

Efficient File Uploads

Provide an additional method of import by allowing users to easily attach pictures & files to web-forms

Accurate Data Collection

Every piece of data collected through a Laserfiche Form goes into a database for detailed reporting capabilities

Simple Payment Processing

Accept payments through a web- form with the Forms-Braintree integration

Build Powerful Web-Forms In Minutes

✓  Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms management system that requires no coding or scripting.

✓  Easily create attractive forms with preconfigured templates or customize them with editable fonts, colors, uploaded images and layout options.

✓  Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, checkboxes and radio buttons onto your form to collect the exact information you need, in the precise format you require.

✓  Change the look and feel of a form – or add and delete questions from it – at any time, without requiring programming assistance.