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Private Business

Automate Processes, Cut Costs, & Increase Profits

Automate Processes and Improve Operational Efficiency

From Accounts Payable Processing, to Client Communication, Laserfiche can be leveraged to streamline processes company-wide

Eliminate Paper Filing and Physical Record Storage

DocuNav has helped enterprise-level companies across the country move away from costly physical record storage policies, by implementing the proven and easy-to-use document management solution – Laserfiche

Invest In The Future Of Your Company

The cost savings and gains in efficiency from Laserfiche result in an ROI that begins almost immediately and continues to grow over time

One Solution For Multiple Challenges

Accelerate AP & AR Processing

✓ Scan and automatically capture data from multiple invoices at once

✓ Retrieve data from and check document accuracy against information stored in ERP systems

✓ Automatically route invoices to employees for review, approval, and check processing

✓ Instantly retrieve orders by searching a customer name, invoice number, sales order number, ship date, etc.

✓ Enable more timely payments and lower collection costs!

24/7 Access To Documents From Anywhere In The World

✓  Provide instant access to business critical documentation from any office or location

✓ Allow staff to retrieve records and participate in business processes while traveling and working in the field

✓ Check the status of work orders, contracts, claims, vendor agreements, and other project updates

✓ Mobile access from any Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, or other mobile device with an internet connection

✓ Provide clients with quick access to the most up-to-date project files

Business Process Automation = Decreased Operating Costs & Higher Profits

✓  Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline production with powerful business process automation

✓ Reduce turn-around time for orders and invoices that require numerous approvals

✓ Create paperless human resources procedures and centralize disparate employee documents, forms, & processes

✓ Cut costs associated with creating, routing, and storing paper documents

✓ Improve overall efficiency and reap the benefits of endless savings!