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Non-Profit Organizations

Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Service

Eliminate Paper Filing and Physical Record Storage

DocuNav has helped organizations across the country move away from costly physical record storage policies, by implementing the proven and easy-to-use document management solution – Laserfiche

Automate Processes and Improve Operational Efficiency

From Accounts Payable Processing to Employee Onboarding, Laserfiche can be leveraged to streamline processes organization-wide

Secure Sensitive Files and Ensure Record Compliance

Laserfiche uses DoD 5015.2-Certified Records Management to automatically apply and manage retention schedules, to protect and maintain the integrity of your records

One Solution For Multiple Challenges

Eliminate Paper, Centralize Records & Streamline Processes

✓ Provide entire organization with instant access to digital records from any location

✓ Create a central repository to store all of your organization’s documents & records

✓ Leverage dynamic web-forms to replace paper, fillable PDFs, etc.

✓ Automate form routing and accelerate business processes

✓ Use Laserfiche Forms to streamline New-Hire Onboarding, Travel Requests, Expense Reporting, and More!

Simplify Audits & Ensure Compliance

✓  Leverage powerful audit tools to track user actions and keep a detailed history of each record stored in the system

✓ Protect confidential records with stringent security permissions and granular user access rights

✓ Utilize a robust search engine to make audit preparation as efficient and pain-free as possible

✓ Protect records and ensure compliance with DoD 5015.2- certified records management

Improve Service & Grow Your Budget

✓ Empower your staff to become more efficient and provide a higher level of service

✓ Continue to expand your organization’s offerings, while minimizing expenditures

✓ Grow your budget by cutting costs associated with managing and processing paper documents

✓ Reallocate savings to towards new projects, employee salaries, and overall service to your community!