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Local Governments

Provide Excellent Public Service & Improve

Automate Processes and Improve Operational Efficiency

From Accounts Payable Processing and ExpenseReporting, to Open Records Requests and Permit Applications Laserfiche can be leveraged to streamline processes city-wide

Secure Sensitive Files and Ensure Record Compliance

Laserfiche uses DoD 5015.2-Certified Records Management to automatically apply and manage retention schedules, to protect and maintain the integrity of confidential city records

Eliminate Paper Filing and Physical Record Storage

DocuNav has helped dozens of cities & towns move away from costly physical record storage policies, by implementing the proven and easy-to- use document management solution – Laserfiche

One Solution For Multiple Challenges

Streamline Open Records Requests

✓ Utilize dynamic web-forms to initiate open records requests

✓ Automatically route requests to appropriate departments

✓ Leverage Laserfiche Workflow to automatically locate requested documents

✓ Deliver requested documents with automated emails upon request approval

Efficiently Manage Record Retention

✓ Secure records with DoD5015.2-Certified Records Management

✓ Automatically apply retention schedules to documents as soon as they are brought into the system

✓ Automated reports scheduled to notify Records Manager of all records that are eligible for destruction

✓ Ensure compliance without creating more work

City-Wide Integration Capabilities

✓ Seamlessly integrate Laserfiche with Incode, Munis, ESRI, PeopleSoft, and any other line-of-business application

✓ Extract data from other applications to automatically index documents and reduce manual data entry

✓ Pre-Populate web forms by looking up information from 3rd party databases

✓ Scan, search, retrieve, and view Laserfiche documents from within other applications with Laserfiche Connector

✓ Search, view, retrieve, and import documents from a map interface with DocuNav’s one-of-a-kind integration tool for ESRI ArcGIS – GeoDocs!

Customer Success Stories

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