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Student Records 

Digitize student cumulative folders, provide campus access to records, and improve parent communication

Digital Student Cumulative Folders

✓ Paperless cumulative folder from the time a child starts school

✓ Provide campus staff and teachers with instant access to student files

✓ Easily scan and index all current student folders with minimal manual data entry

✓ Reduce risk associated with transporting cumulative folders from campus to campus


Simplified Student Transfers

✓ Allow parents to request student transfers via online web form

✓ Eliminate the receipt of requests from multiple sources and prevent duplicates

✓ Automatically provide parents with updates throughout transfer process

✓ Connect with SIS system to create fully integrated transfer process

Improved Parent Communication & Interaction

✓ Digital student enrollment and registration forms

✓ Automated distribution of state test scores with no manual processing or mailing

✓ Electronic Gifted & Talented applications, athletic participation forms, and more!