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Special Education & Facilities

Digitize documents & automate processes across every department at your district

Special Education

✓ Protect sensitive medical records for students with special needs

✓ Provide campus staff with immediate access to vital files & information

✓ Seamlessly integrate with existing Special Education Information Systems

✓ Improve parent communication with customizable web-forms

Facilities & Maintenance

✓ Store building blueprints, district maps, architect plans/drawings, and more

✓ Streamline maintenance requests with web-forms & automated notifications

✓ Provide mobile access to records for workers moving from location to location

✓ Eliminate the need for records warehouses and additional storage space

District-Wide Solutions

✓ Provide one-central digital repository for every department’s records

✓ Connect disparate systems through powerful integration capabilities

✓ Lower the number of systems that Technology has to manage

✓ Become a truly efficient and paperless school district