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HR Automation

Human Resources

Provide instant access to employee files, streamline new-hire on-boarding, and automate processes

Paperless New-Hire Onboarding

✓ Email automatically sent to new hire with links to digital onboarding packet

✓ Basic employee information pre-populated on forms for minimal data-entry

✓ Electronically complete and sign Direct Deposit, Ethnicity Questionnaire, W-4, and more

✓ Forms automatically filed into system generated employee file

✓ Automated reports keep HR staff up-to-date on status of every new-hire

HR Automation

Employee Contracts Made Easy

✓ Laserfiche Workflow automatically sends appropriate contract to every employee

✓ Review, sign, and submit contract without creating a single piece of paper

✓ Employees can download, email, and/or print copy of contract for their own records

✓ Signed contracts auto-routed for any approval/verification needed

✓ Contracts properly indexed and filed without any manual data entry or processing

HR Automation

Streamlined Approvals & Instant Access To Records

✓ Forms automatically routed to appropriate individuals for processing and approval

✓ Time-based reminders and re-routing rules to help eliminate bottlenecks

✓ Powerful search engine places personnel files at your fingertips

✓ Integration tools make records instantly accessible from HRIS systems

✓ Improved staff efficiency and quicker processes = substantial cost savings!