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Business Office

Automated AP Processing, quicker expense reimbursements, and lower operating costs

Streamlined Travel Requests & Expense Reporting

✓ Digital travel request forms automatically calculate expected costs

✓ Instant routing decisions and approval notifications without user involvement

✓ Attach receipt pictures to electronic Expense Report form from any mobile device

✓ Streamlined expense report approvals lead to quicker staff reimbursements

Intelligent Invoice Recognition & Processing

✓ Train software to automatically recognize, separate, and process batches of invoices

✓ Utilize extracted data to classify, index, and route invoices without user intervention

✓ Automated document linking associates incoming invoices with existing PO’s

✓ Streamline invoice approvals with automated routing and notifications

Lower Operating Costs & Improved Budgets

✓ Eliminate storage, printing, postage, and other overlooked operating costs

✓ Significant gains in staff efficiency lead to substantial cost savings

✓ Recurring savings that continue to increase over time

✓ Reallocate budget money towards improving overall quality of student education